Monday, July 13, 2009


Things that are NOT fun to realize after the fact:
-After brushing your teeth vigorously for a couple of minutes, killing cavities galore, and diligently scrubbing with the tongue cleaner, that you're pretty sure your toothbrush is the pink one...Not the orange one in your hand.

Proof that it is God's will that I do not ever get to bed at a reasonable hour:
-Why else would the lame radio channels on TV play the following series of songs, just as I was getting prepared for bed, if not to stop that immediately and begin to boogie & retrogress about my elementary years?
Song One: "All I Have to Give" -The Backstreet Boys (1999)
Song Two: "Whatta Man" - Salt 'n Peppa (1993)
Song Three: "I Don't Want to Wait"-[a.k.a. the Dawson's Creek theme song] Paula Cole (1996)

So, take THAT Scopes v. State!