Thursday, January 28, 2010


[I wish I could tell people that I feel like I am at the start of something new & great without sounding like some mid ball-dropping High School Musical pansy.

If the reference eludes you, you have lived so much better than me since 2006. ]

I've gotten in the habit of staying up until 2a.m. central time so I can play the new daily Trivial Pursiut quiz online the second it comes out. One of many signs that I am an old woman. So, if your grandaddy's got a trust fund, & is looking for someone to pre-chew his jell-o, hollah atcha gurl. I play a mean "Yell the answer at the television" Wheel of Fortune!

-Ro ( although I heard Rosie O'Donnell refer to herself as Ro this maybe I'll switch to Ros...whatever, that has Birkenstock written all over it.)